After more then a decade of studying, I realized I love to work with my hands. Read here how I found my passion.

It all started in the beautiful Croatian nature, where I visited a festival. I noticed that the water for the showers came from the river and went back to the river. Therefor, the festival asked it’s guests to use natural soap and shampoo. I wondered why I would use a natural soap on this festival and the commercial ones at home. I wanted a change and because I wanted to make sure what was in the soap, I made it myself.

It was a process of years before I had the right recipe for my soaps and shampoos. Friends and family reacted excited and even strangers would ask me about my soap. This was a sign for me that it was time to put my focus more on my hobby and let it evolve in to something new.

Now, a couple of years later, I have tested my soap by EU regulations. I sell it to shops and through my own webshop. I have always seen my soaps as a protest against the massive industry. I make soaps without uneccasery, harmfull chemicals or animal products. They are handmade by me with love and attention. They are the opposite of what you can buy in regular stores. I see every soap as a little piece of my activism.

Trying to be a No Waste company became more and more important to me. I had the biggest slap in my face when I surfed in Sri Lanka. When I walked in the ocean I felt plastic wrapping around my legs. I was surfing in garbage. During my time there I saw three big sea turtles washed up on shore, dead. This has to stop. We have to stop. And the only way to reduce plastic is to change our habits. That’s why you will find No Waste Soaps in my shop, but also bamboo straws and other plastic reducing products.

During my travels I discovered that I would love to be creative on the road. Making soap with a backpack is not an option, but luckily I found a different creative outlet: making jewelry. When I was a little girl my grandfather had his hobby room where he made jewelry. I remember going through his drawers, which where packed with gemstones and other treasures. My grandfather always collected things. When we were outside he would collect feathers, dead insects, shiny things and teach me about it.

Now as an adult, I can’t walk over a beach or through the forrest without keeping an eye out for treasures. These treasures I connect with the gemstones I find on markets while traveling, creating handmade unique amulets. Each with their own energy and story.

This is how my business grew and is still ever evolving, just like me. My business is intertwined with my identity, because it is my passion. On this website you can buy little manifestations of my passion, or you can browse through my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in custom made work.